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Green Day
Greenday Fans, certainly has taken off.
Join, join, join.
We all <3 Greenday here.


Rules And Ways Of Getting Banned
1.) You must be a greenday fan, non-green day fans are NOT allowed. Old and new greenday fans are allowed, but please, know something about greenday. Acting like you know something about the band only makes you look stupid and will get you banned. This is for REAL fans of the new and old Green Day. If you don't know who Green Day is, don't even bother joining. You will look stupid thinking that Green Day has 4 members.
2.) If you bash Greenday in any way you are out.
3.) No annoying teeny boppers or annoying typing! Saying stuff like: OMG! OMG! Billie Joe is soooo HAWT! Or OMG OMG I AM GOING TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT!! BiLlIe JoEl iS HoTt! I wAnNa sCrEw ThE WhOlE BaNd!!!111 is NOT allowed! No childish idiots! If you can't use good grammar or spelling then don't bother joining!
4.) 95% of the posts should be about Green Day or the members of Green Day. Other band postings are welcome, but just once a month ONLY. Other bands shouldn't be talked about as much as Green Day...Other band posts should be 5% of posts.
5.) No one wants to see "flogging molly", "danzig", or some other band written five thousand million times in an entry, so do NOT make these sort of posts. They just annoy everyone in the community.
6.) NO TROLLS, FLAMERS, BASHING OF THE BAND OR BASHING OF COMMUNITY MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED! They are inappropriate and disrespectful to the Green Day fan community and will not be tolerated in this community.
7.) NO drama or fake rumors about Green Day are allowed! If you want to cause drama and talk fake rumors about Green Day, make your own community for that. This is NOT the place for it.
8.) NO off-topic posts or replies. Make sure your posts have something to do with Green Day and if you reply to something, make it somewhat intelligible and make sure it has something to do with the original post.

Banned Members